Frequently Asked Questions

Thinking of working with us? Here are the most commonly asked questions by prospective clients. If you need more information or wish to become a new dealer with us, click the button below.

How many cars will you sell me?

We sell our clients the unit numbers that suit their particular inventory needs and stocking strategies.

What's your pricing for transport?

Most of our dealers pick up their own inventory, but we can always offer delivered pricing if needed.

How do you handle arbitration?

Our arbitration is simple. If there is an issue with a car, we either take the car back, or we make a price adjustment. At the same time, we do not allow “professional arbitrators” to exist in our network.

Do you buy cars from clients?

Yes! We number cars right away once we receive the vehicle’s VIN, miles, image and description.

Where do you source your cars?

Our network is made up of franchise dealers, large-scale independents and private sources; not auctions.

How quickly do you pay?

We pay as quickly as the vehicle’s title is available: We swap title for check.